Cleaning is crucial to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It doesn’t matter if we want to clean or not, pandemics don´t wait for anybody. That’s why we´ve gotten used to clean, disinfect and sanitize every inch of our homes, over and over again.

Lower temperatures have been appearing every week, the winter is here. And with it, the flu, Covid-19, and other bacteria. How can we prepare for it? Cold months and viruses don´t mix, that’s why GUTRIV has come with a new guide. The Guide to Disinfect and Sanitize ourselves during the COVID-19 pandemic.


What health and cleaning experts say?

We know what every health expert says: Clean your hands, maintain a distance, wear a mask, and disinfect everything you touch. And we understand that, for us, is common knowledge. But that only frightens the population. What cleaning experts know and recommend, is to convert our cleaning habits into a healthy lifestyle.

With the flu coming to town, we need to be prepared. Here we recommend taking the health experts’ knowledge, maintaining a healthy diet, and doing regular exercise is the best way to increase our body resistance to any kind of virus.

Also, our cleaning routines must be done with more frequency. In winter, our surroundings tend to maintain even more dust and dirt than we could imagine. Strong winds aside from transporting germs, also move dust from house to house.

As we know, a part of our business is now open. Hiring a cleaning commercial service is the best way to show our customers and associates, we care. If we can´t hire a cleaning service, at least, we can emulate them as we´ve shown in our previous cleaning guides.

The disinfection routine must be actualized. If we have customers or are in a high transit zone, disinfecting ourselves can save us from more than the flu.

Remember that this doesn´t mean we have to be frenetically disinfecting ourselves every 5 minutes. Do what you feel right and know that we need at least, a number of bacteria in our surroundings to maintain our immune system in actualized conditions.


Cleaning our hands, disinfecting our health

What do we use almost every day? Yes, our hands. These perfect creations have helped us to touch every great thing in life. But, during this pandemic situation, the protection we give them is crucial.

We can´t any longer touch our face, mouth, family members, or food without disinfecting and sanitizing our hands first. ¿What can we do about it? Washing our hands depends on what have we touch and the places we have been.

For example, if we are at a supermarket, we can bet at least 50 people have touched that fruit or bottle you bought. Or if we have a business or go to a restaurant, the doorknobs, tables, everything is full of bacteria.

Don´t fret about it. Most of the bacteria lying around are harmless. We can have another great example of that right next to us, our hands. It´s said that the common hands have at least five million bacteria, each.

The CDC guidelines tell us to wash our hands if we meet these 4 conditions:

  • If we have been in a high transit place.
  • Before touching our face.
  • After and Before touching our pets.
  • Before touching our everyday common articles (Keyboards, smartphones, books).

Following these tips and our bodies will be in great condition. But let´s not forget about our homes. Deep cleaning our residence is the top factor to maintain every flu or virus away.

If we can´t keep our homes or business in a clean state for longer periods of time, or have high traffic zones in our places. We recommend hiring a disinfecting and sanitizing service as the one GUTRIV does.

If we can´t hire a cleaning service, don’t forget to visit our webpage to read again our cleaning service guides. In those, you can find how to protect and disinfect every inch of your home or business.

Once you are ready, and if you are willing, GUTRIV can offer you cleaning services, commercial services, or disinfecting and sanitizing services. You can contact us at (949)2096096, or on our webpage, our executives will contact you right away, we´ll answer all your questions and give you a free estimate.

Also, you can visit us in Mission Viejo, California 92692.

In GUTRIV, we´ll give you a clean welcome!