Winter, whether you like or hate depending on the situation. Cold weather months can pass quite fast or really slow if we don´t prepare as we should.  A lot of sleepy moods and chills everywhere. Do you think most people would like to cleaning their homes while been bothered by all the snow and dust? Yeah, we think so too.

That´s why GUTRIV, brings us some tips and recommendations before winter comes, on how to prepare for it personally, and how to prepare your residence or business.

¡Let´s check them out!


Cleaning your winter away

A cleaning service is always recommended for every occasion. But especially in winter, when everything is ice cold, the dust and dirt, seem to have minds of their own and look for a warm home to reside.

If we have a business, the sidewalk and the front porch or portico of our store or office will be filled with snow. A task you´ll have to take your time to fix, leaving you with less time to clean your residence or office.

Now we understand hiring a cleaning service or a commercial service is not a bad option, in fact, it’s a great one. But, before we hire a professional cleaning service like GUTRIV, let’s review 8 tips to maintain our home ready for the incoming winter season.



Feathers, leaves, and dust will always be surrounding near our gutters. Before winter comes, and all the trees are done doing their transition, a good clean up is recommended. With this, we will not need to clean it again, after a couple of weeks.

Water and other stuff may sink there if we don´t take care of them, resulting in a cleaning mess and a horrible way to start the winter.



Professionals recommend insulating your hot water pipes. So, the water can freely go from one place to another. There are two pipe insolation methods; foam sleeves and insolation wraps. Both have the same principle, covering your pipes.



Here we have two types of chimneys, the ones that are only for decoration and the ones that work. If we have a decoration chimney, deep cleaning is recommended. Of course, only clean the surface of the chimney, don´t enter it.

If we have a working chimney, it’s better to call a contractor specialized in cleaning.


Sprinkler System

Turn off that system, if we leave water in that sprinkler, we know for sure it’s going to freeze. And if it is still active, a blockage may produce and we can say goodbye to all of our sprinkler systems.


Insolate Windows

If we have a heating system, it shouldn’t be a problem. But if we don´t, buying an insolation spray, film, or any other product to prevent heat loss and seal it with weather sealing tape. Before doing that, do a proper cleaning service to your windows. We don´t want warm but dirty windows, do we?


Replace heating filters

Before every winter, is recommended to hire a professional to check our heating filters or our heating system. Clogging the airflow may produce malfunctions in the heating system. Reducing its life value.



Stairs come in different lengths and textures, before winter, if we have a stair covered with carpets, we must clean it to reduce the amount of dust placed in it. In cold weather, the snow and any other dust in our shoes may stick in those carpets, leaving an awful stain.

If we have a stair with no cover whatsoever, let´s try to at least cover them with any kind of rug. Because of cold weather and our shoe soles, water can spill in the stair providing a terrible accident.



Here reside pipes, sink, and toilet. But more importantly, the bathtub or shower. Because of winter, any fungus may form in the corner and freeze, leaving us with the work to break that ice and remove an awfully pasted smush in the tub.

A deep cleaning service is recommended every two weeks, at least.

We hope this information helps you prepare for this incoming winter. Preparations before any situation are important, especially if it’s a cleaning situation.

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