Hiring A Cleaning Service is one of the best ideas one can have. Especially in times of a pandemic situation. But there is a time when Cleaning Services like Gutriv, care even more that we should about our clients. This happens when they request Disinfecting and Sanitizing services from us before and after each meal every hour.

There are spaces and homes in which performing a single Disinfecting and Sanitizing service is enough for the day, but when the anxiety of cleaning arrives, any cleaning service seems little. That is why Gutriv wants to explain to you when Cleaning and Sanitizing is too much. If you want to keep your home and mental health clean and sanitized, this article is for you.


Places that need daily disinfecting, explained by Gutriv

As a Cleaning Company, Gutriv has traveled throughout Orange County providing the best Cleaning Service possible. In these routes we have learned about the areas that are recommended to be cleaned almost every half hour, such as areas that we can wait more than 1 day. The difference between Residential Cleaning and Commercial Cleaning is separated by a long, defined line.

For people who still don’t know the difference between requesting both types of Cleaning Services, Gutriv will explain them to you. The Residential Cleaning service is based on Cleaning and Disinfecting houses, no matter if they are large or only have a few square meters. The Commercial Cleaning Service is the service that focuses on disinfecting the areas in a differentiated way, giving priority to the areas with the highest traffic of people.

Shopping centers in 2021 are already open. Although with some restrictions, we can make purchases and clear ourselves from being locked in our homes. However, this permit obliges shopping centers to contract Commercial Cleaning Services such as those offered by Gutriv to protect the health of passersby. The more people passing by, the greater the probability of contagion of any bacteria or virus.

On the other hand, a Residential Cleaning Service is based on cleaning simple areas with little human traffic, such as houses or apartments. In them it is clear that there are not a large number of people walking, but special attention is required to the Deep Cleaning of dust and dirt that accumulates from the environment and from what we bring in our shoes.


When is cleaning too much?

There are unprofessional Cleaning Services that tell you that the more you clean, the better. We do not believe that, since doing so would only entail an unnecessary waste of money, an excessive expenditure of energy and the loss of bacteria that are beneficial to our health. Let’s not forget that the Disinfecting and Sanitizing services that Gutriv offers can sanitize any room.

When a client requests us to sanitize their business in shopping centers or offices with high traffic of people or goods, we understand this and we try to act in the most responsible way possible. But when this service is requested from a single home, which does not obtain any traffic. We are under the moral and ethical obligation to notify you of the health consequences of those actions.

Anxiety issues that turn into obsessions are very dangerous and should be treated with great caution and professionalism. For this reason, in times of pandemic, although it is our duty to clean and disinfect what is requested, we have to remind our clients or interested parties that the environment will always have and must have at least 1% of bacteria that pass through the environment. These bacteria are harmless and have always been with us. On the other hand, it is these bacteria and other organisms that keep our immune system up-to-date and functioning.


Gutric Cleaning Servicee

A Residential Cleaning Service can be performed every day or at least 3 times a week. A Commercial Cleaning Service must be performed daily. And a Disinfecting and Sanitizing service to a location where there has been a person infected with COVID19, must be carried out 24 hours after the infection is known. After the quarantine established by the CDC has been carried out, it is recommended to request a Disinfecting and Sanitizing service.

We hope that the information that Gutriv has given you today allows you to know that it is not necessary for our mind to group anxiety with cleaning actions. While it is important to perform the services, we cannot let it change our way of life. If you want to know more about Gutriv and our services, we invite you to contact us.