There is a fantastic saying: Cleanliness is a state of mind. We just have to enter any social network and we can find many influencers and business accounts showing their way of cleaning in their respective business or homes. But out of all trends, for many people cleaning at home can be synonymous of relaxation. For Gutriv, as a Cleaning Service, we are fascinated by performing Residential Cleaning Services and Commercial Cleaning Services. In these services we advise our clients multiple ways of how cleaning a home helps to eliminate the stress or anxiety accumulated in the environment. This article is for you if you want to learn how to clean and disinfect without any stress.


Gutriv: Tips from a residential cleaning service

Not all of us aspire to reach a maximum point of relaxation when we clean our home. But on many occasions, finishing a Residential Cleaning Service can cause our clients to achieve nirvana by observing all the dust and dirt removed from their precious home. Cleaning is an unavoidable task and to perform those tasks in the best way, we can follow the advice of Gutriv, a professional Cleaning Service.

When performing a Residential Cleaning Service or a Commercial Cleaning Service, we mention to our clients that, if they wish to emulate a professional Cleaning Service, they must follow the following principles: Schedules, Ventilation, Rotation, and Products. These refer to the 4 pillars that every Deep Cleaning Service must follow to stay calm no matter how much dust or dirt it encounters along the way.



When performing a Deep Cleaning Service, the schedule and weather in which we find ourselves is essential. Being in Orange County we can ensure that most of the time we will have beautiful and relaxing weather, but we must be aware of the wind that may occur. We can clean in the morning and organize at night, but it all depends on how much time we have to clean.

Also, separating tasks into days can work. Perform a Deep Cleaning Service one day in the morning and wait the next day, to order all the items that we move.



Fresh air is of vital importance if we do not want allergies to activate. Before starting a Residential Cleaning Service, we recommend that we ventilate our home or business by opening the windows for 30 minutes. At the end of the cleaning session, we must keep the windows open for 30 minutes to 1 hour to allow the air to ventilate any dust that remains in the environment.



Rotation of cleaning duties is necessary if we live with someone, like family or roommate. Cleaning the dishes or a special place that we routinely clean can cause us stress due to the discomfort of always doing the same thing. Changing the routine with the rest of the members of the family or team is a good idea to understand each other and clean everyone in harmony.



If we are going to use products, we have to make sure they are approved by the CDC. In this way, we can reassure our mind that cleaning our home or business is using legal products that do not harm our health and are highly effective in disinfecting all areas.


Conclusions of a cleaning service

To add to these tips a new way to clean without any stress, we can add music and a mop. Both tips may seem disparate, but we assure you that your Cleaning Service will become a relaxation service if used in combination with the other tips.

Moving to the music while we wash the dishes and using the mop to scrub the floors, we can assure you that it will be reflected in your soul. Now, if we don’t have enough time or energy to clean our home or business, we advise you to hire a cleaning service like Gutriv.

We have Residential Cleaning Services, Commercial Cleaning Services, and Disinfecting and Sanitizing Services in Orange County, California. And we are prepared to clean your home.

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