Cleaning during these holidays is something we must work on with our entire hearts. Not only for our health but for the health of our beloved ones. In our Gutriv disinfecting and sanitizing guides, we´ve seen how to emulate a cleaning service, tips on how to disinfect every surface of our residence, and the precautions we are recommended to take while going to high transit places.

But today, our cleaning service team knowing that the vaccine for COVID-19 is near, wants to do our final recommendations to maintain clean our facilities and remember some key points in every deep cleaning process. ¡Let´s review these tips before the new year!


A deep cleaning by our own

The holidays are here and guess what, we are near Christmas. That means that not only the Christmas spirit is rinsing, but the season is also too. A lot of sneezings will be heard in our streets, but don´t fret. We know you have been following our Gutriv cleaning service guides, and that the deep cleaning process has been done every week in your residence. Isn´t that right?

If by chance you have missed following the disinfecting and sanitizing tips we have been giving for the last couple of months, don´t worry in this article will be giving you a summary of them.

First, let’s start remembering our cleaning circumstances, this means if we are up to the task or if we need help to clean a location. There are 3 cleaning fundamental methodologies, deep cleaning, and disinfecting and sanitizing. We can add 1 more methodology, the total sanitation process. This last one means that we kill every germ till there´s nothing left, but that’s not entirely healthy. Only in some circumstances are recommended to be done.


Cleaning services methodologies

Cleaning: This means that we have to clean the normal way as everyone should. Grab a broom and start swiping away. Dust and dirt in a couple of minutes will come back but will be a lesser amount. Doing this action requires us to have a regular clean up to maintain the dust to a minimal level.

Deep cleaning: Here we have to eliminate all dirt and dust from every surface of your rooms. But we still are going to need a regular cleaning schedule to maintain the dust away. Once a week a deep cleaning process is recommended, the rest of the days is advised to use only the broom.

Disinfecting and sanitizing: As the name of the methodology explains, here Gutriv or any other special use a CDC approved disinfectant to reduce the number of germs in each of our rooms. It is needed a deep cleaning process before disinfecting and sanitizing because the dirt and dust will get in the way. This is only to make it easier to clean up. The number of germs is greatly reduced, but not all of them as some organisms are required in our environment to maintain our immunologic system updated.

Extra total sanitizing: Here we are talking of the really important elimination of any germs. This is for some specialized health facilities.

Remember to have in your cleaning equipment the following tools:

Mask, CDC approved disinfectant, disposable gloves, mop, sponge, and broom. We are sure you will have them, as they are the basic cleaning tools in every home. But don´t forget that the process we pick to clean our homes has to be carefully analyzed. For example, if we have a big room with no furniture whatsoever, this service can be as beneficial as deep cleaning. But if we have a lot of surfaces, deep cleaning is needed.


Gutriv 2020 recommendations

As with any service, we would love to be hired in any season. But if you want to hire a cleaning service, please analyze carefully the service that the company provides. Also, we highly recommend you to call the company before hiring it to ask them about what cleaning measures they take before going to your home.

If you are going to a high transit location, please be careful and take the required measures to maintain yourself healthy. Don´t forget to wear your mask and be sure to eat your recommended vitamin dose.

We are in the Christmas season and from all the Gutriv team, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year. May you be healthy and all your dreams come true in the near 2021.

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In GUTRIV, we´ll give you a clean welcome!