We´ve been for far too long in our homes, we get it. And we are sure that you´ve cleaned countless times that room that nobody likes. Even so, every time you clean your home, the dust, the environment, or the encouragement to clean again is fading away with each day. That´s why many customers have been asking for a residence cleaning service to help them within their schedule now that our businesses are slowly opening again. What are the ingredients of a perfect cleaning service? What are the best actions to take in our home that GUTRIV knows? Let us tell you!

Do you remember the phrase location, location, location? For us, it´s priorities, priorities, and more priorities.

A residence cleaning worker knows that the best way to keep a home clean it´s to give a home an amazing first deep cleaning service. After that, it all comes together, you´ll be just sweeping those little amounts of dust that falls upon your home each day.

Now, you remember that family member that had their homes nice and neat every time you visited them, right? But that it´s only the first step of a residence cleaning service.


The 5 Best Personal Residence Cleaning Strategy!

First let us begin with a little extra, your shoes! Yes, your shoes, this is a small step while cleaning, but with high importance. Look at your shoe soles, they carry a high amount of dust and germs with them each time you go out of your home. Clean your shoe soles and leave your shoes in a place where you won’t be stepping too much.

Quite similar to the Japanese (Genkan) this word means the entrance of a home. It´s where you leave your shoes after arriving home. Our shoes are dirty! Now you know why they don´t like people entering their homes with their shoes on.


Now for the good part:

  1. While we have licensed equipment and follow a huge guideline to provide the perfect residential service. In your home, you will start with the basic cleaning service guideline. Everything must be taken out! Yes, each time you enter a room to clean it, take everything out of there.
  2. If you have chairs or a dining table, clean their base, and remove the dust. The same principle must go with the furniture.
  3. Having cleaned all your furniture, it comes something allergic people refuse to do, pick up the broom, and sweep away. Put on a small facial mask, if not, the allergies will appear. Do this in each room and when you finish, wait half an hour till the remaining dust falls again, then repeat this step. And if you can after this step, vacuum the room to remove all the remaining dust.
  4. Wipe down all surfaces and then mop all floors. Do this in all rooms. After these steps, you can arrange again your furniture in your rooms, but make sure to put them in an easy way to clean them again.
  5. Now, this is the most basic and special way to deep clean and to emulate a residential cleaning service, the rest of the week you could wipe every day your furniture and use the broom every two days.


After Residence Cleaning Strategy

After these steps, it´s quite simple to maintain a clean house, just like your super clean family member house! But during this outbreak or even beyond that, remember what we said about our customers asking us to do more residential cleaning services?

This is because we understand that your working schedules are going to be filling up again, and with that, no time to do a proper cleanup, especially when we are in the middle of a pandemic situation. Taking care of your family or business takes a lot of time, why not let us help you maintain your home or business as clean as you love!

We specialize in doing residential, commercial, and COVID-19 disinfecting & sanitizing services. Bedrooms, common areas, kitchens, bathrooms, and even extra deep clean services.


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In GUTRIV, we´ll give you a clean welcome!