Today most of us Americans live in buildings. Whether as a personal space or as an office, having an apartment is a space that we can clean and disinfect without any problem. But what happens when we live in a Residential Building and someone has been infected with Covid-19? The alarms go off and the rest of the tenants or neighbors go into confusion.

Fortunately, we have guidance from Gutriv and his work in Orange County. With these recommendations, we have nothing to fear. And with these tips that we will give you today, you will be able to carry out or request a Disinfection and Sanitation Service without any problem. If you want to keep your home disinfected from COVID, this article is for you.


Neighbors on the run, explained by a Clean and Disinfection Company

Not all companies are the same, nor are the people or residences where we live. It is for this reason that the attitudes that we can take in the face of a crisis can vary greatly in each place. Some may panic and others, like us, are assured of being protected as we know the procedures of a Gutriv Deep Cleaning Service.

With all the articles that we have delivered on our website, we already know almost all the tricks to Clean and Disinfect our homes. Of course, we believe that most now understand the cleaning differences between Residential Cleaning Services and Commercial Cleaning Services that are frequently requested from us. Knowing these differences allows us to act and choose different Cleaning Items and cleaning methods specially designed for your home.

But what happens when one or more neighbors are infected in our building? This is where wisdom brings calm. While we are surprised that some of our neighbors grab their bags and decide to quarantine them in a nearby hotel, we can act in a logical way and Disinfect the Building quickly and safely. This is where we should imitate Gutriv articles that refer to Residential Cleaning Services.

We already know that there are different types of homes, our department can perform a weekly Deep Cleaning Service. But when we talk about the rest of the homes, we have to know the differences in cleaning approaches to be carried out. When you want to Hire a Residential Cleaning Service like Gutriv, the first thing we will ask is, if the building has an elevator, stairs or both. This type of question will allow us to be attentive about which places may have been infected during the period of contagion and movement of our neighbors.


Recommendations for a Residential Clean

Let’s see in detail how we should act before emulating a Cleaning Company, or otherwise, Hiring a Cleaning Service.


Residential health analysis

The first move we must take is to become aware of the state of the infected person. Let’s remember, we are humans first, then companies. Let’s investigate the health status of our neighbors in case they need something to be able to face their quarantine in a safe and calm way.

We should not enter the areas where the infected person lives for at least 7 days. After that, a normal Cleaning Service can be performed. But the areas where the infected have traveled must be disinfected within 48 hours.

The trafficked areas include the Lobby, elevators, stairs, garages, and entrance and exit doors of the building.


Open windows and fresh air

On our side, our home will need more ventilation. We recommend opening the windows and keeping all our spaces ventilated. A Residential Cleaning Service is a good idea to start the week and keep our home ventilated for the rest of the week.


24 hours waiting

It is recommended to hire or carry out a Disinfection and Sanitation Service after 24 hours after the infected person left the place. We do this so that all the virus settles inside the apartment and is not hovering around the environment.

We hope that the information that Gutriv has given you today will allow you to identify the correct procedure to carry out when a neighbor is infected with COVID. If you want help with Disinfection and Sanitation Services, we recommend calling us. We will be delighted to help you.