When the day of Cleaning and Disinfection of our home arrives, everything seems to be upside down. Dust on the walls, dirt in the corners, and lint everywhere. The question jumps out loud to us: “how so much dust can appear in just a few days”. And we want to throw in the towel in the face of constant repetition and cleaning. It is in these cases when a Residential Cleaning Service sounds like music to our ears.

There are many Deep Cleaning Services, but there are few professional Cleaning Companies like Gutriv. Today we will see what are the best actions to take to Hire a Cleaning Service in Orange County, California. If you want your home to be clean and disinfected throughout the year, this article is for you. Let’s start reading and disinfecting!


The responsibility of a deep cleaning

We are already in a situation where we can go out and spread our wings, up to a certain point. The situation is not like before, but we can cope with our activities remotely, like work activities or recreational activities. But to these activities are added personal activities, such as family or couple.

With all the activities that we have added in the previous paragraph, the idea of adding cleaning activities to our homes can lead to our entire schedule collapsing. It is for this reason that Cleaning Services have grown in recent months, both in popularity and needs. It does not matter if we live in a residential building or an ordinary house. Or if we need a Deep Cleaning Service for a Commercial Building or a business building, if we want to save time or money, Hiring a Deep Cleaning Service is the best option.

For this hiring, we must be very responsible. Our choice can drastically change the health of our workers or families. If we have a Residential Building, when our neighbors are leaving or returning to their homes after work, they can bring viruses and bacteria with them. So, it is a good idea to carry out a Disinfecting and Sanitizing Service once a week.

As we can read, the activities of our neighbors are similar to those of our company colleagues. If we work in a business building, the chances of contagion may be higher, so a frequent Commercial Cleaning Service is recommended. If we carry out this contract, we reduce the chances of contagion for our workers and for our family.


How to hire a residential cleaning service?

We have already decided we are going to hire a Residential Cleaning Service. The question is: How do I hire a Residential Cleaning Service? What are the parameters for choosing a Cleaning Company? And what security can I get by Hiring a Cleaning Service? These are all very good questions, so to solve them, we will need to know the following points: Reviews, level of experience, number of services, and location.

There are 4 points that work wonders when choosing a Cleaning Service. At Gutriv, we want to show you the points in greater detail, let’s see them!



Cleaning service reviews are a key factor in any analysis. From there, we can get both positive actions and negative attitudes of any business. Sure, we also have to learn to differentiate from bad or fake reviews because of bad competition and problematic customers. With a little logical thinking and understanding about how Cleaning Services work, we can answer any questions.

The reviews can be found in the social networks of the same companies or in search engines such as Google. We just have to write the name of the company next to the word review and that’s it! We can read what unknown people think of the company. Another good idea is to call clients who have previously used the Residential Cleaning Service so that they can give you an idea of how the company will act in your home or office.



That a Cleaning Company has many years of experience in the market, no longer means much. Some with more than a decade of experience may treat you worse than an amateur would. And startup companies can treat you like a king. Faced with this crossroads, we recommend looking for a review that tells how the company acted while carrying out a Disinfecting and Sanitizing Service in a home or company in previous weeks.

With this information, we will feel prepared for what we can hire.



The number of services refers to two points, the number of services that the Cleaning Company recommends you perform and the amount of Cleaning Services that the company offers. For example, if the company recommends that you have to perform disinfection services in the morning, afternoon, and night in your business location, this is probably a trap.

On the other hand, it is also good to know how many Cleaning Services are offered. Now you can create any name with marketing to generate greater income at the expense of people’s ignorance. Let’s find out what each service offers and compare.



Gutriv works in Orange County, California. We are trained to perform all kinds of Cleaning Services in this area. Therefore, we recommend selecting a Cleaning Service close to your home. If you hire a company that does not work in the area where you live, it can be more expensive than one imagines.

We hope that the information provided will be helpful to you. If you want to know more about Gutriv, we invite you to contact us.

Contact us at (949)2096096, through jgutierrez@gutrivcleaning.com, or on our Webpage, our executives will contact you right away, we´ll answer all your questions and give you a free estimate.