In Gutriv we´ve covered almost every topic regarding cleaning every space of our residence, hotel, and workplace. Maintaining a deep cleaning schedule or knowing which disinfectant brand is the best to maintain ourselves away from Covid-19. But knowing that some offices need us to come back instead of doing remote work, we would like to provide another 3 disinfecting and sanitizing advice to maintain our office free of bacteria.

If you want to maintain disinfected your office or business and desire to clean like a cleaning service, this is your guide. ¡Let´s check it out!


Spreading the disinfection

While almost cleaning every inch of our home during this pandemic, we have invented many types of cleaning methods. From using a broomstick to wipe the ceiling to use disinfectant wipes to deep clean our couches. Almost every person in the country has tried a so-called crazy cleaning method found online. And if we think about it, who can blame us. Thanks to the pandemic, we have time.

That time we are going to use it to learn and adapt what we know about deep cleaning like a cleaning service. Remember that not all methods found online work. Especially those using fruits to remove paint or clean our walls. But before we start with the guide, we must remember something. Don´t having all the cleaning equipment in our residence or office doesn´t matter.

We must know what things we can do with what we have. Don´t expect to buy high price disinfectants or extra thin cleaning wipes. Those are mostly for business purposes.

In Gutriv we understand these times are quite difficult, so taking care of your family, home, health and wallet, are the principal things we must look for. If you would like to buy a disinfectant or any other type of cleaning service equipment, check the CDC disinfectant approved list on the CDC webpage, and choose what fits you the best.


3 Steps to Disinfecting our office

When cleaning a space, we should know that not every way of cleaning works. This is because some places need more cleaning than others. Some places have tons of surfaces and others are quite simple and easy to sanitize.

But what works is these simple 3 steps in every corner of your office. Let´s check them out.


Wipe down – And use Alcohol

We need three things in this step. A piece of cloth or wipe, our preferred disinfectant, and some drops of cleaning alcohol. The piece of cloth must be used two times. One for wiping all the surface of our desks in our office and then wipe them again with the cloth mixed with a reasonable amount of disinfectant. After finishing the process, we can wipe them again with a 70% alcohol bottle.


Disinfecting: Color Cleaning

This part is quite interesting. If we hire a cleaning service or a janitorial service, it’s recommended to divide the office into zones. For example, the cleaning service team (Green) can enter a deep clean of all the marked green areas. And the janitorial service team (red) can only enter and use their cleaning equipment in the restrooms.


Tech Disinfection

Let´s face it, our tech is dirty. If we look at our keyboards, the probabilities of finding pieces of hair, food, and dirt are high, really high. First, to deep clean our devices we must use the proper cleaning equipment. Don´t use a disinfectant as if it’s the end of the world in only your phone. Using disinfectant wipes on all the devices while those are turned off. Our desktop, modem, or any other device can be cleaned with those disinfectant wipes. For the keyboard, we can disconnect them and take off all the caps in it. Blow the interior and with a cleaning wipe clean your keyboard caps. After that, we can put them again in their place.

Hopefully, with these actions, your office can be as clean as you always wanted to be. But remember, if the office it´s too much to handle, you can call Gutriv to give you a hand. Our cleaning service, commercial service, janitorial service, and disinfecting and sanitizing service are always for your need.

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In GUTRIV, we´ll give you a clean welcome!