The memories and experiences of our life, many times we capture them on the walls of our home. It is for this reason that selling our house can be a complicated process. But when it comes time to move out and start creating new memories in another home, performing a Cleaning Service is one of the first actions that often occur to us. People who move into our old home will not want to inhabit it without first performing a Deep Cleaning Service, especially in times of a pandemic situation. Similar will be our case when we move. It is for this reason that at Gutriv, we will explain which parts of our home we will need to clean if we want to sell our home. Let us begin!


Home Staging, explained by Gutriv

The first impression is the one that counts, after all, we only have one. Cleaning Services like Gutriv use this saying to perform the best deep cleaning services that we can offer. When selling a home, Gutriv is called regularly to perform Disinfecting and Sanitizing services to prevent any contagion of COVID-19.

When those interested in our property schedule a guided tour of our home, our duty is to show our home as clean as possible. It would be crazy to show it in a dirty and unpleasant look. Resulting in a high probability of never hearing a real estate offer again. Residential Cleaning Services are continually requested for these reasons.

But requesting a Residential Cleaning Service for no purpose is not a good option. Gutriv often asks customers if there are home locations that we want more attention to be applied to. Which allows us to prepare different styles of cleaning and choose special Deep Cleaning tools for the occasion. Our goal will not only be about disinfecting your home, it will also be to improve the image and first impression of your home at a low cost.


What rooms to clean before selling a property

There are 5 rooms that will be of vital importance in the sale and purchase of a property. If you are selling your home or planning to buy another home, make sure these locations are clean. The living room, bathroom, kitchen, main room and laundry, these 5 rooms need a Residential Cleaning Service or a Deep Cleaning before being shown to the public.


Primary Room

Our room is the first thing that those interested and we will see. A Deep Cleaning Service ensures that the room’s walls, corners, and blind spots are kept with all surfaces free of dust or dirt. Identify these points and ask the seller about the amount of dust and / or the alternating climate in the environment. With your answer we will know how many times we have to clean our new home.



The bathroom needs an immediate Disinfecting and Sanitizing service. We do not recommend using a bathroom in a new property, without first ensuring that it has been properly disinfected.



The kitchen usually has different materials in its structure. Ceramic tiles are usually applied to kitchens, which over time fill with dust, dirt and grease in the openings. This location we must perform a Residential Cleaning Service to remove all grease and odors from the cooked food in the room.


Main room

The main room is important to classify as humid or not humid. There are several cases where when we wake up in the morning, the humidity in the room constipates our nostrils, making clear the poor air circulation in our main room. Perform a Deep Cleaning Service and wait 3 days.

These will help us to identify the amount of humidity and dust that accumulates in the room. Another point to identify the amount of humidity is to observe the low areas of the walls. If we find cracked paint, we will know that there is a moisture leak.



In the laundry we have wet clothes, which causes the environment to become humid with ease and continuity. The same action carried out for the main rooms, is recommended for the laundries. If our laundry has high humidity, it is advisable to carry out an anti-humidity treatment and a Residential Cleaning Service, before offering the property for sale.

We hope that the information we have given you will help you to sell or buy your first home. Remember that if you need help cleaning your home, you can request our Residential Cleaning Service. We work throughout Orange County and we are willing to work.