Shakespeare said it: “To clean or not to clean, that it’s the question”. Ok, he didn´t said that. But his quote was going in the same direction, and like us, to do a cleaning service or not doing one, leave us wondering if it´s right or safe letting an unknown person to do a residential or commercial cleaning service into our beloved workplace or home.

Don´t let anyone into our home, it´s totally understandable, the concept of the “what if” may let us hanging in a situation we certainly don´t want. But, the same what-if could expose out our family and business in an even worse situation. So, what to do? Please GUTRIV, tell us!

Simple, how we show while fighting our fears, it´s how we show up in life.

The usual cleaning schedule done by ourselves means looking out for a good sweep of dust. Let´s face it, that´s not a compatible way of cleaning nowadays, especially if we are working constantly or taking care of our family.

The best way to clean our business or house, it´s quite simple, a deep clean service. And we may ask, what´s the difference with my way of cleaning and yours? Well, for us, a residence cleaning service or a commercial cleaning service, means that we are going to spend more than the average time cleaning and disinfecting each room. Making sure of having a super extra precautious attitude with each cleaning activity.

Cleaning inside the cabinets, inside the oven, walls, tubs or showers, anything you ask. For us, we feel a need to clean your residence to the fullest. And more importantly, the cleaning needs to be weekly. That´s the only way possible to maintain a proper cleaning service.


How a proper cleaning service act?

A proper residence cleaning service act following these simple but important key points:

  • We develop a cleaning plan, a deep cleaning plan, and a disinfecting
  • What areas are we going to clean? And what areas are we going to deep clean?
  • Are there special areas that need to be disinfected?
  • What equipment are we going to need? Is the equipment reusable?
  • The equipment we use it´s CDC approved? Is it eco-friendly?
  • Are we following the CDC guidelines update?

Other options why you can hire a residence service are:


Because it reduces the stress of constant cleaning:

Cleaning every day it´s tiresome, moving the same furniture, the same rug, mopping, and sweeping the broom every day in every room fills my eyes with dust and tears. Having a cleaning service that takes that pain in our shoulders, it´s a blessing.

Reduces the stress urgent cleaning:

It´s quite the same point above, but a little worse. Like when a family member decides to come over to visit and you don´t remember when was the time did deep cleaning service to your bathroom! Your tub, your sink, or even worse, your toilet! Did I mention GUTRIV provides janitorial services? Now that´s convenient.


It´s more productive & money saving:

Think about it, when was the time that we really did a deep cleaning activity to our furniture, bathrooms, windows, etc.? What did we use to clean, only water and soup? Don´t expend in a lot of cleaning products that nobody needs, ruin our furniture, and are not eco-friendly!

Hiring a cleaning service that provides you with a guideline of what are they´re going to use in your house it´s far better and money-saving than changing the rug and floor every year because we used the wrong product.

Do you have a cleaning service Schedule?

Let´s say you have a beautiful big family, a lot of kids, funny, well behaved and healthy. That´s great, but remember, they are still kids filled with joy and will to play. Having your cleaning service on Fridays, it´s not a good idea. Let´s face it, they´re kids, they´ll bring down all the cleaning in just a weekend. On Mondays, it’s a good idea.

Remember, GUTRIV also provides a COVID -19 disinfecting and sanitizing service.

We hope this article may have helped you in every way. If you still have doubts about residential cleaning services or commercial cleaning services, don´t fright, just call us to (949)2096096, contact us through or on our webpage, our executives will contact you right away, we´ll answer all your questions and give you a free estimate.

Also, you can visit us in Mission Viejo, California 92692.

In GUTRIV, we´ll give you a clean welcome!