Not all of us like to clean daily. The simple thought of having to deal with dust and take care of cleaning tasks can be a bucket of cold water for anyone. But for these cases, Gutriv has come with the aim of helping you in your search for cleaning in an easy, fast, and orderly way. If you want your rooms to shine with how clean they are, this article is for you. Let us begin!


Cleaning services at home and work

Many think that cleaning your home is a complicated task. They think that to have to clean daily, it is preferable to do it once a week when dust, dirt, or garbage accumulates. Faced with this situation, pests and allergies appear, and on these, Cleaning Services companies like Gutriv save the days of the world’s population.

However, many confuse the hard work that Residential Cleaning Services do when faced with different spaces to clean and disinfect. There may be small spaces that are easy to disinfect, such as long spaces with many structures that prevent fast works. This being a fact that you as Gutriv clients should know in-depth.

However, this hard work that Gutriv does, we do it in an easy and orderly way. And this is the method that, as a Cleaning Service, we want to share with you. We have prepared a series of tips that focus on the habitual residence of Orange County, in that way we will facilitate accessibility. In case we did not know, each social zone has a similar style in its structures. It is for this reason that Cleaning Companies can easily identify the structures of homes.


6 Cleaning tips for all residential cleaning

Not all houses are similar, but in Orange County, we can assure you that the structures are the most stylish, minimalist, and most adaptable to perform a Deep Cleaning Service. It is for this reason that Gutriv has great pleasure in being able to work in the Californian area.

The tips are easy to remember and perform, let’s see them in the following points:


Clutter can be found in every home, business, or office. Anyone who leaves a week without attending to her routine can fall into disorder. In this case, it is always recommended to create a weekly cleaning and organization schedule. With this schedule, we can have a specific cleaning job and we will try to maintain order within our activities.

Order of rooms

If we want to carry out a Residential Service, it is of vital importance that we select a specific order of rooms to be cleaned. At Gutriv, we prefer to start with the toughest areas, but we focus on one place before expanding our efforts.

Hardest Goals First

As we indicated in the previous point, the order of the rooms is important. This allows us to determine which room has the greatest number of surfaces to order and perform a Deep Cleaning Service.

Cleaning dishes from the start

Unwashed dishes are common in every home, don’t be ashamed of it. But it is vitally important to clean them daily to prevent the attraction of insects and pests. At Gutriv we offer the Residential Cleaning Service that includes cleaning the kitchens, ovens or microwaves, among others.

Sweep, vacuum, wait and vacuum again

Performing a Deep Cleaning Service moves dust and dirt through the environment. In this situation, if we have emulated a Cleaning Services company, we recommend that after sweeping we wait for half an hour until the remaining dust settles again. After that, we can vacuum all surfaces.

Clean One room daily

If we have not hired a Cleaning Service like Gutriv yet, we recommend cleaning one room a day. Gutriv can clean and disinfect any home on a daily basis because we work with a team. But if we, do it on our own, it is most likely that the next day we will not be able to move from fatigue and muscle aches.

We hope that with the information that Gutriv gives you, you can clean your home in the best possible way. Don’t forget that Gutriv can help you with these tasks and that we are located in Orange County, waiting for your call.