Paying for a Cleaning Service is not always easy. Having to pay a person or staff to enter our home can be uncomfortable. But there are times where this discomfort is required to keep our health stable and in harmony. Especially in times of a pandemic. It is then when the doubt appears in our minds, so many promoted Deep Cleaning Services, which one should I choose?

In the wide range that free competition encourages, there are large and prestigious Cleaning and Disinfection Companies in all USA. But as well there are other companies that use the opportunity to generate a few dollars without being aware of their bad exposure. In order to identify a professional cleaning service like Gutriv, and to know the cost of their services, we have created this article.

If you want to Hire a Cleaning Service and you have no idea of the cost, this article is for you.


How to identify a professional cleaning service?

Hiring a Cleaning Service is not easy under current conditions. There are fantastic companies capable of performing the most promising Disinfection Services and there are other companies which we wish we had never encountered their advertising. In these situations, there are a couple of words «precaution and investigation.» With them, it is important to identify a few necessary points to hire The Best Cleaning and Disinfection Service in our area.

Just as we have read it, within our closest area. In the article that Gutriv presents to you today, we will look at the important points when selecting a Cleaning Service. The points to be investigated would be, services within the area, number of services, business security, amount of staff turnover and, finally, the price.


Let’s see in detail the first 4 points:


Cleaning Services in the closest area

Hiring a Deep Cleaning Service sounds great every time. The wonder that our eyes and nose can feel after re-entering our clean home or office can bring us tears of happiness. But those tears can turn into tears of sadness if we select a Cleaning Service as expensive as paying for the more expensive treatments we try to avoid.

When we choose a Disinfection Service, it is important to know all the competing companies that are within our area. For example, Gutriv works in Orange County-California, with 18 service points from Newport Beach to Irvine. Our cost remains stable and accessible within the area where we offer our Cleaning Services. However, if you ask another company that works in California to work in an area other than their own, prices will increase.


Amount of cleaning services

Gutriv offers Deep Cleaning Services, Residential Cleaning Services, Commercial Cleaning Services, and COVID-19 Disinfection and Sanitization Services. These are examples that only a handful of companies offer. This is because they do not follow the bases or regulations stipulated by the CDC. If you want to Hire a Cleaning Service, it is necessary that we analyze what each service offers. What they use for each service and how often they recommend doing it. At these points we must work with logic, it is not advisable to Hire a Cleaning Service that tells you that they should sanitize your residence daily as a precaution. Let’s be vigilant and stay away from these fake disinfection companies.


Business security

When contacting the Cleaning Company to request a Residential Cleaning Service, we recommend consulting how the company cares for its workers. This point is important since it allows us to know if they have the paperwork and certifications up to date that allows the legal operation of the company.


Staff turnover

Knowing the staff turnover facilitates the learning that we will obtain from the company and its way of acting. When calling them, if the company has a high turnover, it means that the company does not have experienced personnel. So, they would hire inexperienced volunteers continuously.


What is the price of a cleaning service?

This is the last point to review in the article. It is a difficult point to explain because we depend on the context of the situation in the country, the amount of experience of the company, and the area where it works.

In a normal price range, we have been able to investigate that the typical prices of a Residential Cleaning Service vary between 114 and 240 dollars. Nationally, the price can average around $ 170. Remember that these prices vary depending on the size of the space to be disinfected, the price for a Residential Cleaning Service to a 3-story building will be completely from a Commercial Cleaning Service to a 9-story office building.

We hope that the information that Gutriv has given you today will be of help to you in your next Deep Cleaning Service. If you want to know more about the company and our services, do not hesitate to call us.