Cleaning has become a relaxing routine for some and stressful activity for others. Disinfecting and sanitizing every surface of our homes every day might be a little troublesome but it´s worth it. But deep cleaning our homes might not be enough when we are dealing with bacteria, yes, we are talking about the place where we go all nights, the trash bin.

Those trash bins if we think about them, we surely can´t remember when was the time when we´ve clean them. That´s why Gutriv brings us today some recommendations to follow regarding when and how to clean that tricky trash bin you have. ¡Let´s start!


Gutriv Cleaning Service: Sanitizing what we think is trash

If you have previously hired a cleaning service team, you can remember how we deep clean every surface in each of your rooms and throw away all the dust and dirt we can find. That dust and dirt found are placed mostly in bags or stored in our cleaning equipment. But when we dispose of that trash and place it into a trash bin, is important to know what is going to happen when we touch that bin.

If we think this correctly when we finish cleaning our homes emulating a cleaning service, we take and throw all the dust into our favorite trash bin. That is mostly out in the street. But have we stopped to think that we are not the only ones who touch that bin? Exactly what we are thinking, waste collectors. Frankly, they are the heroes of every day, doing long routes and collecting everyone’s waste to recycle or eliminate the trash.

Understanding that the waste collectors are in touch with every trash bin on multiple routes, we must take some disinfecting measures for their safety and our own.

Salmonella, Listeria, and E. Coli are bacteria that under the right conditions are developed in trash bins. Unclean trash bins attract wild animals, pests, maggots, flies and create disgusting odors and trash eating insects. Do we really want to touch those trash bins? Have we seriously have taken any action towards those trash bins, or we just leave them be?

Those are only a few reasons why we must deep clean our trash bins.


Disinfect, sanitize and repeat

Unfortunately, most of the so-called cleaning equipment required to disinfect a trash bin costs a fortune or are just doing funny commercials. Don´t get us wrong, they definitely work, but is not common to have a high-pressured machine to just disinfect and sanitize our trash bins.

A water hose will definitely not do the job, or at least as we would like. But we can combine that garden hose with other home cleaning equipment that will surely do the job. In Gutriv we recommend this 7-disinfecting equipment list to safely sanitize and disinfect our trash bin in half an hour, at least.

Disinfecting and sanitizing equipment, we will need to deep clean our trash bins on our own:

  • Garden Hose.
  • Disposable Gloves.
  • CDC Approved disinfectant of our preference.
  • Hot Water
  • Sponge
  • Mask
  • Broom

Here´s how we must start disinfecting our trash bin:

First, put on the mask and the disposables gloves. Then have the trash bin without any trash whatsoever. With the broom, swipe all the dust that might be inside the bin. After taking care of the dust, introduce hot water into the trash bin and let it sit for 5 minutes. Take the water out and with the sponge and the disinfecting swipe all the trash bin.

After finishing using the disinfecting solution, prepare the garden hose and rinse with cold water the trash bin, inside and outside. We can repeat the process but one disinfecting and sanitizing service will be enough. We can deep clean the trash bin at least once a week if we take care correctly of our trash and put them in bags until the day the trash collectors come again.

If you have doubts about the process, Gutriv is delighted to help you. We can offer assistance in cleaning services, commercial cleaning services, and disinfecting and sanitizing services. If you want to contact us, call us at (949)2096096, through or you can visit our webpage.

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In GUTRIV, we´ll give you a clean welcome!