We think that at some point, we all have a special room that is destined to be a office, but in reality, is a junk keeping room. Shoes everywhere, opened boxes, some cleaning products, and probably with a raising damp falling apart. And that’s nothing to be ashamed of. But now, in the middle of a pandemic context, if we have a hotel, Airbnb or are expecting some guests. It´s important to finally fix and clean that office. That´s why, GUTRIV, knowing that you may have this situation in the near future, will guide you with cleaning service tips. ¡Let´s check them out!


GUTRIV: Fixing and Cleaning a office

Cleaning a office is not a difficult task, what is difficult is when our office is in a bad condition. Meaning that the wall is dirty, cracking up, raising damp in footings or the floor has spots with water leaks.

If we start with this scenario, let´s follow these steps for an optimal fixing service. After that, the proper cleaning service on our own must be done. Take everything out from that room.


Fixing Rising damp in footings

When we have this kind of problem, don´t try to cover it with new paint or a plastic cover. That´s the worst thing we can do to play it out. It will that change the aroma of the room into a humid one, and the allergies will start to rise.

Understanding that, first, we need to strip out the wall. Taking out all the moisture of the wall. Now will have to drill out the base of the wall. We can imagine that a lot of dust is going to appear, so wear a cleaning mask and in another room, have ready our deep cleaning equipment. We will use it later.

After drilling the wall and removing the moisture, we must inject it with a silicon waterproof membrane of our choice. Doing that will mostly fix the issue and we will just need to plaster the wall. Paint your room in a comfortable color of your preference.

Doing this will fix our walls, and more importantly our health. Breathing the aroma of moisture and dust can bring allergies all year long.


Deep cleaning the office like our service in GUTRIV

After been done with all the repairs to our wall, we can finally start doing our own cleaning service.  Let´s pick up the deep cleaning equipment from the other room, a vacuum reduce all the dust from the floor. After using the vacuum, wait 15 minutes to use it again, this will drastically reduce any sign of dust.

Waiting another 15 minutes will help us to see if any dirt appears in the room. If it does, wipe it out with a broom and finish the floor clean up using a mop.

With these actions, our office will be ready to use. If we don´t have a raising dump problem and our walls are fine, we can simply deep clean every surface of the furniture of the room.

Remember, if you can´t clean the room because of time problems or any other situation, hiring a cleaning service it´s a good choice. A deep clean can be made, and the appointment can be scheduled in no time.


Offices with additional cleaning spaces

Sometimes a office has a sink or bathroom integrated with it. When this happens, the janitorial service we can make it simpler, because of the lack of usage of that bathroom. Keeping in mind that, let´s deep clean our office

Here are 5 simple tips to maintain our office in tip-top condition:

  • Remove all bath and hand towels, and then wash them.
  • Spray the shower or tub, with diluted vinegar and let it sit.
  • Clean the windows, and remove any kind of moisture in them.
  • Scrub toilet, tub, and shower.
  • Sweep and mop the floor.

And that’s all, with this our office will be good as ever. And our guests will feel at home.

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In GUTRIV, we´ll give you a clean welcome!