Don´t let anyone into our home, it´s totally understandable, the concept of the “what if” may let us hanging in a situation we certainly don´t want. But, the same what-if could expose out our family and business in an even worse situation. So, what to do?, in Gutriv Cleaning Service we tell you

Simple, how we show while fighting our fears, it´s how we show up in life.

The usual cleaning schedule done by ourselves means looking out for a good sweep of dust. Let´s face it, that´s not a compatible way of cleaning nowadays, especially if we are working constantly or taking care of our family.

The best way to clean our business or house, it´s quite simple, a deep clean service. And we may ask, what´s the difference with my way of cleaning and yours? Well, for us, a residence cleaning service or a commercial cleaning service, means that we are going to spend more than the average time cleaning and disinfecting each room. Making sure of having a super extra precautious attitude with each cleaning activity.

Cleaning inside the cabinets, inside the oven, walls, tubs or showers, anything you ask. For us, we feel a need to clean your residence to the fullest. And more importantly, the cleaning needs to be weekly. That´s the only way possible to maintain a proper cleaning service.


How a proper Gutriv cleaning service act?

A proper residence cleaning service act following these simple but important key points:

  • We develop a cleaning plan, a deep cleaning plan, and a disinfecting
  • What areas are we going to clean? And what areas are we going to deep clean?
  • Are there special areas that need to be disinfected?
  • What equipment are we going to need? Is the equipment reusable?
  • The equipment we use it´s CDC approved? Is it eco-friendly?
  • Are we following the CDC guidelines update?

Other options why you can hire a residence service are:


Don’t spend all your time cleaning

Cleaning every day it´s tiresome, moving the same furniture, the same rug, mopping, and sweeping the broom every day in every room fills my eyes with dust and tears. Having a cleaning service that takes that pain in our shoulders, it´s a blessing.

Reduces the stress urgent cleaning:

It´s quite the same point above, but a little worse. Like when a family member decides to come over to visit and you don´t remember when was the time did deep cleaning service to your bathroom! Your tub, your sink, or even worse, your toilet! Did I mention GUTRIV provides janitorial services? Now that´s convenient.


Save money and be productive

Think about it, when was the time that we really did a deep cleaning activity to our furniture, bathrooms, windows, etc.? What did we use to clean, only water and soup? Don´t expend in a lot of cleaning products that nobody needs, ruin our furniture, and are not eco-friendly!

Hiring a cleaning service that provides you with a guideline of what are they´re going to use in your house it´s far better and money-saving than changing the rug and floor every year because we used the wrong product.

Do you have a cleaning service Schedule?

Let´s say you have a beautiful big family, a lot of kids, funny, well behaved and healthy. That´s great, but remember, they are still kids filled with joy and will to play. Having your cleaning service on Fridays, it´s not a good idea. Let´s face it, they´re kids, they´ll bring down all the cleaning in just a weekend. On Mondays, it’s a good idea.

Remember, GUTRIV also provides a COVID -19 disinfecting and sanitizing service.

We hope this article may have helped you in every way. If you still have doubts about residential cleaning services or commercial cleaning services, don´t fright, just call us to (949)2096096, contact us through or on our webpage, our executives will contact you right away, we´ll answer all your questions and give you a free estimate.

Also, you can visit us in Mission Viejo, California 92692.

In GUTRIV, we´ll give you a clean welcome!