Guess who has to visit a new company! Yes, me! Oh, the headquarter of the company is in another city, guess I´ll have to go to a office. Since this is a tough time and my wallet doesn´t want to lose weight, I guess I´ll be in a cheap Office or rent a room. Wait, big and professional offices always hire a professional cleaning or Sanitizing service like GUTRIV to deep clean everything and every room every day! What about the medium, small offices, or Airbnb rooms? I´m sure I´ll be ok, but do they follow the CDC procedure?

Yikes, my anxiety is rising! This calls for an investigation time!


Does my office have a proper cleaning service?

Here´s an example: Take the leaders of the industry have offices all over the world, and they consulted experts on how to keep their guest in a safe environment. If that isn´t reassuring I don´t know what it is.

Having a commercial cleaning service, it´s important if you have a big business like a office, but hiring a cleaning service with a normal pre-COVID-19 protocol it´s not the right idea at the moment.

Here´s the deal, what if we want to be in a medium rate o, lower rate, or just a normal Airbnb. You got to do this, check the webpage of the company, what are they doing to provide a clean service? Is it the normal procedure of just cleaning more? Cause that doesn´t exactly work.

There are only a few things we see now the leaders of the industry are making, not only providing a special experience to the guest but now it’s the satisfaction of being in a place that reduces the chances of been contaminated dramatically reduce.


Showing our cleaning and Sanitizing Service

Let´s say we have an office, it’s great, we finally achieve that dream of ours! Not only we provide everything in a delightful experience, but now, we have a chance of change. For example, offices now show the guests how they cook their food in front of them. Why? Because it´s practicably a show to the guest that we are taking care of their backs. Showing them that the food it’s clean equals a good show idea.

The same is with a cleaning service. Years before the quarantine the cleaning service was fast, clean, and like a shadow. We didn´t see them doing much cleaning, but it was always clean.

Now, it´s a good idea to hire a commercial service to disinfect and sanitize all the areas we require to provide our guests with the comfort they want.

Showing them the cleaning service it´s working in front of them, not interrupting them obviously, but making a cleaning service show their work more to the public it´s a great idea.

Now we have to points of view, what to choose if we are going to a new office or if we have a office. Showing the guest that we are taking care of them it’s the most loyal thing we can do to them, and trust me if we are loyal, they are loyal to the brand.

A good cleaning service not only provides deep cleaning service. But it also provides many plans of action so it can help the business it hiring them. That’s why, companies like GUTRIV, make sure to provide a wide profile of services to do residence cleaning, commercial cleaning, and disinfecting and sanitizing services to every customer.


conclusion as a cleaning service and Sanitizing company

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