Bathrooms are a simple task to perform, depending on our perspective of them. Disinfection and Sanitation Services are especially necessary for them in this period of a pandemic. If they were necessary before, imagine their importance now in times of pandemic. Today Gutriv has in its Cleaning Service a greater responsibility under its shoulders.

The bathroom is one of the environments where dirt, mold, and lime accumulate in showers, toilets, cleaning pipes and tiles at high speed. Faced with this problem, Gutriv wants to help you simulate a Cleaning Service with different and cheap products that will leave your bathrooms sparkling in a short time. Let us begin!


How to emulate a Cleaning Service?

In a basic sense, carrying out Cleaning Service jobs is simple if we follow certain parameters. Although it is in a basic sense, the cleaning and disinfection that we can perform will save us from more than one trouble, until we Hire a Cleaning Service like Gutriv. In today’s article, we will see a few tips on how to clean sinks, toilets, showers, shower curtains and bathroom floors like a Residential Building or Commercial Building does.

To start with our cleaning, we must first stop to think and analyze the Cleaning Supplies that we have on hand and those that we can get in the future. For most Residential Cleaning Services performed on our own, we only need soap, microfiber cloth, cleaning gloves, broom, mop, and a CDC-approved disinfectant.

When we clean a bathroom, regardless of whether it is a bathroom in a residential or commercial building, there is a certain order to perform disinfection. So, we can start by doing a Deep Cleaning to the sinks, showers and continue with the toilets, to finish with the floors. The reason for this order is very simple to answer with another question. Would we clean our toilet first and then the area where we brush our teeth?

Exactly, it is for this reason that there is a cleaning order, especially when we perform Commercial Cleaning Services. Since they are places in which there is a large traffic of customers passing through.

Having resolved the order of disinfection to be carried out, let’s see below how to simulate a Cleaning Service like Gutriv.


Bathrooms in a Commercial Service

To begin, we will see in order of cleaning the areas to be disinfected.

Sink: If we have grease stains, we can use a sponge or microfiber cloth with hydrogen peroxide to rub the areas. When performing this action, we must wait a few minutes before rinsing with clean water. On the other hand, we can use simple bleach where soap and toothpaste residues are stuck. After the action, we must clean the area with clean water and use a microfiber cloth to dry the sink.

Showers: For showers, the process is not so complicated, but it does require effort depending on the size of the shower to disinfect. A Deep Cleaning Service usually performs these actions with great diligence, so we recommend that you do it too.

We can mix soap with a little vinegar and water in a homogeneous formula. With this fusion of elements, we can use a sponge to rub the areas with tartar. A lot of oxides accumulate in the tiles, so we recommend starting from the highest tiles to the lowest. In the end, after waiting 15 minutes, we can wash the dirty areas with plenty of clean water.

Toilet: We come to the toilet, the area where the Residential Cleaning Service and Commercial Cleaning Service must apply their best effort. The easiest way to start is to use a brush with a little disinfectant or bleach. In the end, we can use a disinfectant approved by CDC for the interior and exterior of the toilet.

If there is a lot of lime accumulated, we recommend sprinkling vinegar. Then use a stiff bristle brush until the lime is gone. Let’s not forget to clean with plenty of water at the end.

We hope that with the information that Gutriv gives you, you can clean your company or department in the healthiest and most correct way possible. Don’t forget that Gutriv can help you with these tasks and that we are located in Orange County, waiting for your call.