Testing positive for COVID-19 is something that must not take lightly. Yes, disinfecting and sanitizing it´s a high priority when these cases happen. But we must no fret. If one of our loved ones gets infected, if there is trouble breathing, we are in a fragile condition or are in elderly age. You must go to the hospital and be checked for your safety.

If you have mild symptoms and are diagnosticated positive, it’s better to stay at home, drink water, and rest.

When a loved one is sick and it´s taken to the hospital it´s important to maintain calm and think our options. Do we feel sick or we live with other people? If so, after passing 15 days and your body has the proper antibodies. It´s recommendable to deep clean your home or call a sanitizing and disinfecting service to your residence or workplace.

That way, when your loved ones come back, they´ll be in a secure and disinfected area.



Making preparations in advance it’s a sign of an intelligent person. Hopefully, we all have been standard hygiene practices. The plan of what to do before and after if we get sick of COVID-19 must be bulletproof.

If we are preparing for what to do before getting infected, it´s to maintain a cleaning regimen in our commercial offices and residences. Remember the difference between cleaning and deep cleaning.



It´s the way of cleaning only the surfaces of dust and dirt. But in a simple way. We could understand it as, arranging everything to look nice on the outside, nice to the eyes.


Deep Cleaning:

On the other hand, deep cleaning it´s the actions we do to remove to a great percent any bacteria on every surface.

Once we understand this difference, we need to take action. Remember to follow the GUTRIV Guides to have a clean home. We can check that later in our blog´s entry.

For starters, we need to be cautious and before we get sick, get the right equipment not only to sanitize our home but also, things we may need to eat. Understand it as two emergency bags.

One for cleaning equipment specially designed for disinfecting and sanitizing and the other one for emergency food, full of liquids and high-calorie foods. This is just in case, we can´t get out of our homes, and asking for delivery is not the solution we want.

The cleaning bag must be filled with EPA certified disinfecting products, like disinfecting wipes, disinfecting cleaning products, gloves, and masks for cleaning purposes.

The food bag could be filled with many high calories canned food. Just in case we can´t go out and can´t ask anyone to help us with deliveries.



If we get infected with COVID-19 it´s ok. We all are going to get infected sooner or later. We have prepared ourselves with the canned food, emergency phone numbers in case of feeling ill, and have our emergency cleaning bag.

Now that we have the virus, we must take rest and drink lots of fluids. After feeling good enough to move again, we must start to clean our homes to prepare it if our families come over.

Remember taking everything outside of every room, wiping for the first time all the dust, waiting till the dust settles down, and wipe it again.  After cleaning, start with the deep cleaning process, use your disinfectants, and remove all the dirt you can find.

Finally, having our residence all cleaned up, we can deep clean it every seven days. Remember to create a cleaning schedule. Also, if we know a previous infected family member it´s coming back from the hospital, it’s highly recommendable to disinfect and sanitize our residence two times. One before they come back and after a week, to maintain a normal cleaning environment.

Having done these steps, we are sure everything will be nice and clean. Perfectly prepared for you and our family members. If we cannot do it, hiring cleaning services like GUTRIV, is a good option.

Having said that, remember GUTRIV does residential cleaning services, commercial cleaning services, and disinfecting and sanitizing services, if you want to feel at ease, don´t fright, just call us at (949)2096096, contact us through jgutierrez@gutrivcleaning.com or on our webpage, our executives will contact you right away, we´ll answer all your questions and give you a free estimate.

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In GUTRIV, we´ll give you a clean welcome!