We are in days where we all talk about cleaning and disinfecting our home. Changes in weather and high temperatures are good times to perform a Residential Cleaning Service or a Commercial Cleaning Service. But even with all these days, not all of us know the differences that exist between Cleaning and Disinfecting, believing that just applying a disinfectant will protect us from any contagion or bacteria. Today Gutriv will teach you the main differences between performing a Cleaning Service and a Disinfection Service. And with this, we can plan which Deep Cleaning Service is most convenient for our home or business. If you want bacteria to stay away from your business or your family, this article is for you. Let us begin!


Cleaning habits, the key to disinfection

The current health situation has encouraged even more cleaning habits than we were used to. Very few of us imagined performing Deep Cleaning Services to our homes on a weekly basis unless it is a special occasion or until we can no longer tolerate the dust in the environment. But thanks to this our personal and commercial care have improved.

So, what is the secret to keeping a clean and sanitized home or business? The answer is simple, cleaning habits accompanied by good disinfection techniques. Disinfecting a house has its tricks, and in this article, we will show you that cleaning does not have to be a nightmare.


Difference between cleaning and disinfecting

Although Gutriv repeats it often, many confuse the definitions between clean and sanitize. On the one hand, a common Cleaning Service seeks to eliminate impurities and dirt that we can find on the surfaces of our furniture, walls, and personal objects. Removing dust, grease, oils, food remains, among others is one of the main tasks.

On the other hand, disinfecting means the use of chemical products to eliminate the germs that we can find on the aforementioned surfaces. The goal is to eliminate bacteria, viruses, and fungi. A recommendation from a Cleaning Service for economical disinfection is to use 20 ml of 3-5% bleach with 980 ml of water. That used mixture must be allowed to act for 5 minutes and then remove.


How to disinfect a house from coronavirus?

The process is as follows, the following guidelines must be followed to prevent new infections and possible infections. First, we must carry out personal protection using comfortable clothing, cleaning gloves, and face masks. We will continue with the review of the premises to be cleaned and with the selection of cleaning products suitable for the place. It is not the same to use a disinfectant for Residential Cleaning Services, as to use another specific one for Commercial Cleaning Services.

Later we will ventilate all the areas in which we will carry out a Deep Cleaning, such as the living room, dining room, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, or office.

A big warning: never mix bleach with soap, detergents, or other cleaners, it can produce a very dangerous chemical reaction.


Basic recommendations before starting to clean and disinfect

  • Not everything we see is necessary for us to pass disinfectant or any chemical.
  • We bear in mind that there are certain bacteria that help us to update our immune system, so constantly sanitizing without an objective or any cause, can be counterproductive.
  • Remember to follow the CDC Cleaning and Disinfecting Instructions.
  • Use CDC-certified
  • Read and follow the instructions on the disinfection products.
  • Create a cleaning schedule and remember to keep the environment ventilated.


Gutriv Conclusions

Although we know that everyone can clean, we understand that not many of us have the time to do these tasks. That is why, if you want to disinfect your home or business, we recommend hiring a Disinfecting and Sanitizing Service carried out by any Cleaning Service of your convenience.

Although it would be highly recommended if you hire Gutriv to disinfect your home or business. Gutriv works in Orange County and is very happy to help you. If you want to know more about us, we invite you to our website.

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