With the holidays coming near, travels to visit our loved one has been a big doubt in each of our minds. Since every specialist has told us not to move and touch nothing, going to an airport where is the principal center of virus attention, might be not worth it. That’s why today, GUTRIV Cleaning Service wants to show everyone what the airlines are doing to disinfect and sanitize their airports against the COVID-19 pandemic. If you want to travel during these holidays or near Christmas, we recommend you read this information. ¡Let´s start!


Smart installations, smart cleaning

Health specialist warns us to not try and fly during these holidays. Because there is a high chance to still spread COVID-19. But for those who can allow themselves to reserve a flight, here are some considerations to take:

Besides the cleaning service airports have been doing for months, institutions like the DFW (Dallas Fort Worth International Airport), will be realizing soon more protection measures to provide the traveler an even greater cleaning experience.

Smart bathrooms will be installed soon, said Julio Badin, senior vice president of customer experience. For those who are interested, those smart bathrooms will allow the customer to know if the stall is available to use and to not touch anything.

Sensors will be tracking when people come in or out of the bathrooms and products like soap or toilet paper, will be monitored with those sensors. Those will communicate with the cleaning crew to supply and replenish what’s missing.

Not only that, the cleaning service doesn´t end there. HVAC systems are now been improved and equipped with UCV lighting. According to the FDA, this lighting is effective against coronavirus.

The airport will continue enhancing its disinfecting and sanitizing procedures to provide the traveler with the safest flight they can provide.


Enhancing the cleaning equipment, we have

Cleaning services are not simple, looking out for places and hidden surfaces that can attract special amounts of dust and dirt can be quite tiresome. That amount of work gets tripled when we do a disinfecting and sanitizing service. That’s because the equipment we use and the number of people we need to reduce the number of bacteria in and a specific work can be tricky.

Understanding the previous paragraph, now we can view from a different point of view how many airports and governments are treating with more attention their cleaning services and especially janitorial services.

If we want another example beside referring our airports, we can fast travel with social media to Japan, Tokyo. Where they have introduced a new see-through public toilet, which people can supervise is it clean or not before entering.

Don’t get the idea wrong, these special toilets have been installed with smart glass technology. This allows the user to see through the cleaning status of the bathroom, and if it is clean, they can enter and turn the switch that will fog the smart glass. Now people can´t see you doing your business.

Returning to our janitorial service done in our airports, we have to understand doing a disinfecting service like we used to, is not enough. Besides doing more screening tests before entering the airport and gate in any country. What kinds of measures we can allow us to make?

Many health specialists support the idea of doing self-quarantine for at least 15 days before taking a flight. Also, taking the COVID-19 test before taking a flight or before the self-quarantine can be recommended.

Those Covid-19 tests can be taken on care centers, travel clinics, fire stations, pharmacies, airports, and of course, hospitals.


3 Precautions to protect yourself from COVID-19 before traveling

Take the following precautions:

  • Look for your destination COVID-19 measures
  • If you are considered elderly age, take your health tests before and after taking a flight.
  • Wear a mask during all your flight process.

We hope that these actions may help you before traveling these holidays. If you want to hire a commercial cleaning service, GUTRIV is always up to the task.

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