Theaters have reopened. Or at least some have intended to. And although the decision to open the film businesses is an idea to not allow those businesses to fall into a greater crisis, we cannot afford to leave cleaning-up procedures behind.

That is why today, in Gutriv, we will explain what are the sanitation and disinfection measures that we will have to take if we have a film business. If you want to know what you should clean and disinfect before you open your business, we invite you to read this article.


Let the movie begin

There’s is nothing like a good movie. But nothing is greater than remaining healthy after a movie session. Ans as movie theaters are preparing to welcome guests after a COVID-19 pandemic, we have to know and follow new cleaning procedures in order to maintain any infection parameter is zero.

Deep cleaning a movie theater is one of the first things we must do. Cleaning and sanitizing the locations our customers are going to touch and walk on must be in our minds. Actually, when cleaning a high transit location as it is a cinema, doing ourselves a cleaning service might not be enough. That’s why in Gutriv, we recommend hiring a disinfecting and sanitizing service to aid our own cleaning company force.

The expectation is rising and the movies are loading. All the essential standards and policies across the cinemas in the country must be the same. Sanitizing standards during opening ours must meet guest expectations. Let’s remember, deep cleaning our theaters is a matter of respect to our customers, not about the theater’s reputation.

Let’s divide and conquer, for any deep cleaning service, we must understand what places are in a high transit status. For that, we will clean and disinfect our movie theater in these specific locations: Entrance and lobby, parking area, ticket counter, food counter, and auditoriums.


Movie theater deep cleaning checklist

Entrance and lobby

  • Assign a specialized staff member who will only be responsible for restocking and cleaning the food storage.
  • Sanitize and disinfect all surfaces in the lobby.
  • Sanitize all door handles in the entrance

Ticket Counter

  • Disinfect all ticket machines surfaces every half an hour.
  • Sanitize all POS.
  • Only one or two staff members will sell the tickets.

Food Counter

  • Select only one or two staff members who will sell the food.
  • All members must wear their health masks and disposable gloves.
  • Sanitize all surfaces of the food counter every half an hour.


  • After any peak period deep clean the auditorium
  • Sanitize all handles.
  • Sanitize all machines and dispensers.
  • Sanitize any cup holder in the area.
  • Use disposable gloves to handle food to the customers.

Parking area

  • Clean and disinfect all trash cans in the area.
  • Mark the pedestrian walkways.
  • Disinfect and sanitize any entrance handle or exit knob to the parking lot.


Cleaning reopening

If we follow these tips, our business will be in great condition. But let´s not forget about our homes and how our customers may come and act in our business. Deep cleaning is great and makes us feel protected, but is important to understand that not many people may follow the same rules of health as we do. That’s why we must provide an even more powerful cleaning service in case something happens.

If we can´t keep our homes or business in a clean state for longer periods of time, or have high traffic zones in our places. We recommend hiring a disinfecting and sanitizing service as the one Gutriv does.

If by any matter, we can´t hire a cleaning service, don’t forget to visit our webpage. In here you can read our cleaning service guides. Those can help you find how to protect and disinfect every inch of your home or business with the cleaning equipment we all have in hand.

We hope the information Gutriv is proving you today, it’s useful for your grand reopening. If you want to know more about us or need help cleaning your business, you can contact us at (949)2096096, through, or on our webpage.

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In GUTRIV, we´ll give you a clean welcome!