There are times when Residential Buildings look for another way to earn income. These are usually obtained from rentals, but the payment is obtained once a month and with a 50% chance that it will not happen. Faced with the growth of tourism and the high prices of hotels, Airbnb was born to generate fast and secure income from the room that you do not use at home. But to perform this service in 2021, it is necessary that Deep Cleaning Services be performed before and after each rental. Why do we mean Residential Buildings? Because of the trend in the absence of conventional tourism, it is preferred to rent vacant properties in Residential Buildings that allow us not to have any contact with any tenant.

If you want to know what the cleaning process of these Airbnb’s is, this article is for you.


Live to rent and rent to live

Renting a house or an apartment to live for a few days in an unknown city is an adventure that few dares to do these days. After all, we are in a pandemic. But tourism has not ended with contractual business trips or city visits for any need. Faced with these needs, Airbnb is still alive and goes hand in hand with the Disinfecting and Sanitizing Services.

When you agree to be part of the great Airbnb community, we have spaces that tourists can use for a few days to relax, change of scene, or study or change work locations. But in the same company regulation, encourages the owners of the apartment to carry out a Residential Cleaning Service by their own hands or that, in the best of cases, a Cleaning Services company is hired.

Gutriv, located in Orange County, has received several requests from owners who own an Airbnb. And together with our service, they want us to help them by performing Disinfecting and Sanitizing Services to eliminate any residue or bacteria that the visitor may have left during their stay. Gutriv offers Residential Cleaning Services, Commercial Cleaning Services, and Disinfection and Sanitization Services against COVID19.


A commitment to health

At Gutriv we are committed to tailoring all of our work with the utmost seriousness and professionalism possible. Having as a top priority the protection of the health of our contractors and their families. This is the same point that Airbnb has in similarity with Gutriv, the pursuit of not only cleaning, we also want to disinfect the spaces beyond the basic cleaning that anyone usually does.

As host, Airbnb indicated that as of November 20, all hosts had to commit to cleaning and security policies and practices against COVID-19. Creating the 5 Cleaning and Disinfection steps so that they are followed as a guideline to the letter before and after renting our home.

For these practices, Airbnb always recommends the use of a mask and Deep Cleaning of all surfaces that we may have on our property.


How Gutriv Cleaning Service cleans a residential building

Airbnb specifies in its regulations the follow-up of 5 steps to clean and disinfect a property. These are based on preparation, cleaning, Sanitizing, checking, and resetting. A good example of the treatment and care towards the client. Gutriv is based on the same principles and tries to go beyond the common cleaning service that we can all do.

In our Residential Cleaning Service, we seek that the property is disinfected in the best possible condition before carrying out another job. First, we start with a Deep Cleaning Service to remove any accumulated dirt or dust and we end with the Residential Cleaning Service focused on high contact areas. We refer to bedrooms and restrooms, kitchen, bathrooms, or extra places.

The extras refer to performing cleaning services under the refrigerator, inside the oven, inside the microwave, cabinets and drawers, showers, laundry rooms, among others.

We hope that with this information you can observe how the Cleaning Services are working hand in hand with the majority of tourism services. And that our priority is that the contracting party and the person staying, rest knowing that their health is protected.

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