We are near the new year and with that, the promise of good health rises. Not letting us bother with cleaning our homes for weeks or not analyzing what approved CDC disinfectant we should use, now is not an option. And while we know hiring a cleaning service is not an easy task, before ending this 2020. Gutriv wants to give you some advice when hiring a cleaning service. That way you should start the year with the right foot and your home clean. If you want to know what key questions you have to ask before hiring a cleaning service this 2021, this is the article you need to read!


Ask first, clean later

Hiring a cleaning service or any other kind of service is not always an easy task. Many options, prices, and speeches to hear, we get it. We´ve all had to hear how one service or product is the best for us and we shouldn’t wait any longer. Just buy, hire, and pay! If it were that simple. Fortunately, what difference the society nowadays, is the way the speed of speaking while cleaning.

Let Gutriv explains to you a little bit of history, cleaning history. Decades ago, the best way to share knowledge and advice was when you were cleaning your clothes in the community cleaning pond. Then that speaking point changed to what we know as laundry day, where somehow while waiting for your clothes to get washed in a washing machine, you had to talk to someone next to you.

Next, the internet appeared and that flow of information expanded with no limits. Now there aren´t any community cleaning spots, and there are quite a few laundry stores, but everyone will be having their cellphone spacing them out of any conversation as it was used to. So, what are you trying to explain Gutriv? Is the internet a bad thing?

No, it’s great! What we mean is that we should use it to expand our knowledge in what cleaning services work and which don’t. Compare prices, resources, and even how the cleaning company treats you and your home. For example, if you want to use a disinfectant that knows that works against COVID19, who do you ask? Your social media profile or the CDC webpage? 90% will choose our social media connections, it’s as simple as it is.


6 Questions to ask before hiring a cleaning service

Knowing what we have in our capacities, not only ask the following questions or themes to your cleaning service company. Also, ask your connections and compare the answers. You will be surprised at the difference you´ll find. And that the special disinfectant used by this so-called premium company that wants to charge you a big amount of money for its use, is only a common 5-dollar bottle.

In 2020 cleaning companies raised from all over the world. Old ones that were bad at their services reinvented themselves and others, treated badly their customers for the amounts of clients they will either have.  Let´s check the questions and themes you should ask a cleaning service company before hiring their service. These questions work for both cases, residential service and commercial cleaning service.


How many years in the business you have? The accounts you had are similar to mine?

Now, this is a pickle, sometimes there is a small or new business that deserves the chance. But it’s important to ask them for references. Try asking them for the contact number of one of their previous clients, before hiring them.


How do you do your employee screening?

Drug safety and criminal records are common to do, but although in the past it´s important to know if they have been rehabilitated and kept a clean record, is fine. Depends on the company, but we have no reason to judge someone for their past. The most important here to know, are the references for previous jobs and experience in cleaning services.


Do you have insurance?

Ask the company if they have insurance and what’s their policy. Know how to act in case of different scenarios.


Will the same cleaners will come every time or they will be rotating?

Now, this is a good investigation to do. Especially in this time when the precautions against COVID19 is normalizing. The same employees for every cleaning appointment are best.


CIMS verified?

The CIMS certification shows that the commercial cleaning company is committed to having the best practices within the industry.


What disinfectant and equipment you use?

As we know, there are some shady companies that want to rise their cost using a high-cost disinfectant, but in reality, they are using a 5-dollar store disinfectant bottle. Ask them what kind of disinfectant it is. Check in the CDC approved disinfectant list is it there.

Those are the top 6 questions to make this 2021 while hiring a cleaning service. Don’t forget to compare the cleaning company answers with your friends, colleagues, and the internet. If you want to know more, about Gutriv we would love to help you out.

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In GUTRIV, we´ll give you a clean welcome!