Cleaning a Residential Building is not the same as cleaning a Commercial Building. This sentence is usually considered truth in most cases, but it does not have to be like that, and less when a Cleaning Service like Gutriv indicates it to you. Every location to be cleaned has its different characteristics, there are the easiest to disinfect such as a room in a Residential Building and there are difficult areas such as offices full of documents in a Commercial building.

Faced with this problem, Gutriv wants to explain 5 steps to be able to emulate a Cleaning Service. With this guide, you can disinfect your entire office or home. Giving priority to your health and that of your family members. Let us begin!


Cleaning processes, explained by a Cleaning Service

Cleaning has become more important than in previous years, the hosts of every company, office, or department have to commit to going through a process of Deep Cleaning routinely even when they do not have visits. In today’s article, Gutriv will seek to give you 5 steps so that, in your Residential Building, Commercial Building, or any other location, you can maintain cleanliness in its maximum state.

When we want to carry out a Cleaning Service, good intention does not always help. We must pay attention to the statutes or regulations that the local disease center may indicate to us before carrying out the corresponding Cleaning and Disinfection Protocol. For the most part, it is recommended to wait 24 hours after a visitor has left the hotel, office, or business to perform a Disinfecting and Sanitizing Service. This is because, within that period, the bacteria are in the environment and it is preferred that they stabilize on surfaces that are easier and more accessible to clean.

To clean and disinfect an environment, not only is it enough to choose any disinfectant and apply the sprays throughout the area. For this reason, Gutriv wants to teach you that it is important to take the following actions: Analyze the environment, perform a Deep Cleaning Service and end with Disinfecting and Sanitizing Services. These steps have a reason and are due to the intention of doing the first cleaning of the week before a new tenant or client comes.


Analyze the environment:

Analyzing the environment is very simple, we just have to understand the property where we live. Know if it has many surfaces, low ventilation, or people at risk of contagion.


Deep Cleaning Service:

With the information collected from the environment, we have to perform a deep cleaning service on all the surfaces of the house or office, to eliminate any dust or dirt that is bothering us. With this service, performing Disinfection Services becomes easier and we do not have to worry about dust interrupting the service.


Disinfecting and Sanitizing Services:

This service tries to eliminate as much as a possible percentage of any COVID-19 bacteria from the environment.


5 steps to clean a commercial building

Let’s see this short list of 5 steps to clean a Commercial Building with our own hands. We don’t need anything fancy or effort here, but a lot of attention to detail.


Gather your cleaning supplies

The CDC has a long list of approved disinfectants for immediate use. We recommend having at least 3 disinfectants in our possession to identify which one meets our cleaning needs.

To start performing Cleaning Services we need a mask, disposable or washable plastic gloves, disinfectants, a microfiber cloth, and a piece of old cloth.


Follow the manufacturer’s specifications

Some disinfectants require that you first remove all the dust from the surface before applying it. Others request that the surface be wet before application. Just as there are many brands, there are also different modes of use in a Disinfection Service.

Ventilate the cleaning area

Before starting your Deep Cleaning Service, open the windows and allow as much air as possible into the property for at least 1 hour before cleaning. After completing the Deep Cleaning Service, allow the environment to continue to air for 3 hours.


Clean all hard surfaces with soap

If we have surfaces where we do not want to apply a powerful disinfectant because it can damage the material, we can apply soapy water. Although it is a simple method, it can help us in a lower percentage.


Vacuum the floor before and after cleaning

When we start the cleaning process, it is common for the dust to rise and remain floating in the environment. At the end of disinfecting the premises, wait half an hour and begin to vacuum the remaining dust.

We hope that with the advice that Gutriv gives you today, you can clean your office or home in the best possible way. Remember that Gutriv specializes in Cleaning and Disinfecting Orange County environments. If you want to know more about Gutriv or about the services in which we specialize, we invite you to contact us.

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