Having an office building is an extraordinary step for our company with the goal of giving a physical presence and feeling to our brand. By having a building in our care, contracts are going to come fast and their final decision will be based on the first impression. The first impression is everything, after all, it is the only one we have. It is for this reason that we must have a constant cleaning service if we want to generate a feeling of welcome and tranquility in our clients and workers. Hiring a cleaning service is efficient, but it is even better to know which areas should be cleaned and take special attention. If you want to have a clean and disinfected environment, this article is for you.


Office cleaning goals

Keeping a clean office is a routine task. But keeping an office building clean is a daunting task that must be done on a daily basis. The greater the amount of space, the more dust and dirt that will inhabit the environment. Before we recommended weekly deep cleaning services, in buildings we recommend them with greater continuity.

When we enter a building, the first thing that alerts us about the environment is allergies. Fingers with slightly raised skin, a swollen or blocked nose, or a combination of allergic effects added to the building’s air conditioning can be bad news or bad omens for the person entering the building. Cleaning and disinfection services should not only be focused on janitorial cleaning services. They should take importance even in the last corner of the premises.

The pandemic induces companies to work remotely, but we understand that there are certain jobs or sectors that require the presence of people for them to function properly, such as banks or hospitals. That is why in these office buildings where a large number of people meet, it is necessary to perform sanitation and disinfection services, especially in the face of COVID-19.


What parts of our building should we cleaning and disinfect?

Performing deep cleaning services is one of the most necessary points to be able to keep any area clean and disinfected during the rest of the week. But before indicating that we can carry out a deep cleaning throughout the building, it is essential to understand which areas are the most important to clean and are where the first impression is made. Let’s see them:


Reception area or Lobby

The reception area is practically speaking of the entire lobby. It is the presentation of our business and building to the eyes that walk down the street. That is why we recommend performing the following 4 actions.

  1. Empty trash cans daily and disinfect them.
  2. If we have carpets, let’s use the vacuum cleaner to keep them dust-free.
  3. If we have ceramic floors, use the mop with water and a little disinfectant approved by the EPA.
  4. The windows should not have any marks, so the use of a glass cleaner with a microfiber cloth.


Kitchen & Meeting Room

The kitchen, as well as the meeting room, must follow a cleaning plan according to a sanitization and disinfection service. As they are places where people usually gather, we recommend disinfecting the areas daily.


Bathrooms area

In these spaces, we must carry out a janitorial service. But we must follow the following points:

  1. Change used towels and soaps daily.
  2. Hand dryers and faucets must be disinfected daily.
  3. Dumpsters must go through a daily disinfection service for obvious reasons.
  4. Restrooms and urinals must go through a daily sanitization and disinfection service.
  5. The floors being mostly ceramic, can go through a basic disinfection service, but you must follow a daily routine.

These are the areas and actions that we must take in case we want to keep our office building clean and disinfected. However, we understand that this is a job that requires a lot of work and budget. Therefore, we recommend hiring a customized and organized cleaning and disinfection service that allows us to have the freedom of work and cleaning structure that we want.

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