Cleaning nowadays is not a ton of work, we just need the right cleaning equipment, knowledge of what we are going to clean, and the respective motivation to do a cleaning routine.  Unfortunately, we might have all the cleaning equipment and such, but the motivation is starting to lack. Most families and companies have started to hire a cleaning service in a weekly manner. Not only for the characteristics of the residential service or the commercial service but for the time the owners are saving while not doing these tasks. The only tricksily matter, is that when asking for a cleaning service, they don´t know the difference between cleaning and disinfecting and sanitizing.

That´s why today, GUTRIV, we´re going to explain to them, so you can hire the proper and desired cleaning service, next time.


The difference between cleaning companies’ services

Most cleaning companies are offering a basic cleaning service to fulfill the number of requests in the current pandemic situation. But not too many companies, know the difference of the regulations to follow between each service.

First, let´s start explaining the differences between each service. Professional cleaning companies like GUTRIV, have a wide portfolio of services, and in each of one of those services, a proper CDC guideline to follow appears.

Deep cleaning is often confused as a regular basic cleaning routine. A cleaning service is often confused as a normal procedure to clean and mop the floors. Let´s check what GUTRIV offers, and explain the differences.



Process of wiping the dust and dirt out of your home or office. It´s what everyone does to maintain order and a cleanish look in our homes. Everyone can do this cleaning procedure and maintain a routine.


Deep Cleaning / Residential Services / Commercial Services:

Few cleaning companies do it right. Deep cleaning is the process of taking everything out and wiping off all the dirt and bacteria on every surface. It doesn´t eliminate all the bacteria accumulated in our surroundings, but it lowers the probabilities of getting us sick.

GUTRIV, for residence cleaning, prefers maintaining a healthy environment with quality service. Usually, creating a cleaning schedule, after a deep cleaning service, will provide a more fast and efficient service in our next cleaning appointment.


Disinfecting and Sanitizing Services

Here is where the cleaning equipment gains the importance it needs.  It’s the process where chemicals are used to reduce to the maximal point the bacteria on every surface. A proper CDC guideline and EPA disinfecting approved products must be followed and used.

Sterilization services: While this service it’s not provided by GUTRIV, it´s important to know that not everyone needs it. It depends on the circumstances. Here we eliminate all the bacteria and microorganisms on every surface. But we have to know we living beings need and a number of bacteria in our surroundings, to maintain our immune system working properly.


The 7 best procedures to disinfect ourselves

We covered most of the themes regarding how to protect ourselves while in a pandemic situation. But there are some points that are important to do a full review on them.

Let´s check them out.

We know that a slogan for this pandemic is to stay home, which means staying safe. Unfortunately, that’s not true. We are social beings and with those characteristics, contact with others is a must.

But what we can do to protect ourselves even doing socialization, its the key to healthy world recovery.

Let´s review 4 points to know, how to protect and disinfect ourselves.

Wash and moisturize

Washing your hands is important, even before the current pandemic. Even so, knowing what to use to disinfect our hands, will improve our way of living. Soaps, don´t disinfect, what they do is to create a net to capture the bacteria so we can wash it off. A little bottle of 70% alcohol near us, it’s the best choice to have.

High touch surfaces

Door knobs, tables, book covers, gym equipment, running machines, all of this equipment, we have been using them more often in the current pandemic situation. Wipe a little recommended the desired disinfectant over them and we are good to go.

Washing machines

Washing machines do work to disinfect our clothes, yes. Because of the chemicals we use. Follow the usual rules of cleaning clothes and don´t worry about it.

Computers and Cellphones

The most used machines in our homes and our works. We recommend wiping them with disinfectant wipes every day if we are surrounded by coworkers. If we are alone in our homes, once a week it’s a good choice.

It’s important to know the difference between each cleaning service, not all are the same, and not all companies, give the customers the same importance that GUTRIV does.

To know more about the differences in our service you can contact us at (949)2096096, contact us through or on our webpage, our executives will contact you right away, we´ll answer all your questions and give you a free estimate.

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In GUTRIV, we´ll give you a clean welcome!