It´s fine, we´ve heard it all. From using special aromatic essences to spraying disinfectant to the air to avoid getting sick or getting COVID-19.  We all know companies will create weird special miracle solutions just to fix our problems and expand their wallets. Some create the problem, and then, sell the solution.

Sadly, that’s how it is, some see the problem and try to take advantage of everybody else. And some, like GUTRIV, try to explain to the world that there are some procedures that are not a miracle, just reality on how to keep us healthy.

That´s why today, GUTRIV brigs us a new guide not only supported by GUTRIV but a multiple prize winner, the microbiologist Dr. Charles P. Gerba.

A microbiologist who has given his life to present countless reports and studies about germs and how they can be in the most unthinkable places. Also, how to act towards them, like in his book: “The germ freak’s guide to outwitting colds and flu”.



Deep cleaning is an art, one that most can do by taking their time and patience to the test. Unfortunately, not everything we think might help us, will do. There are some parts of our home cleaning equipment that can betray us.

As you heard, for Dr. Gerba, one of the evilest things are our cleaning sponges. And if you think about it, yes, it´s true. We finish cleaning with it, spray it, or rinse it with water and then leave there hanging. Have we all taken a moment to think about that? Dr. Gerba recommends that we change our cleaning sponge once a month, at least.

Also, advise us to maintain another perspective while cleaning. For most of us, a bathroom, especially our toilet, it’s the dirtiest place in our residence. And need a janitorial service ASAP!

But, not quite. In fact, the dirtiest place in our kitchen. Let’s count the places where bacteria might be; the doorbells, the door handles of our fridge, microwave, coffee machine, overused oven or dispensary.

That´s a lot! And we are only saying things common in every American residence or company kitchen.

In fact, its true a deep cleaning service might be good to sanitize and disinfect our common areas. But we can´t forget about other logical but unseen places, like right below the fridge, where everything falls down. Or where you put your wallet or purse.



While it´s no good overthinking too much. Been aware of your surroundings and what we can expect it’s a smart choice.  Dr. Gerba recommends using disinfectant wipes while cleaning our residence surfaces and to wash our towels once a week.

Hand sanitizers are the best choice than only washing regularly our hands. No wonder why everyone has at least one little bottle of them.

Also, but not least, be careful about what things you bring to your kitchen. Cutting tables might not be properly cleaned. And be cautious with your children after they come back from playing. The first stop they´ll make it’s the kitchen, if they bring dirt with them, don´t expect to have a kitchen free of bacteria.

In our current context we can let our hands down, why would we. In fact, deep cleaning our residences regularly has become more common than it used to be. And If you ask us, that’s good. Our healthy behavior was horrible before this situation, and now we are starting to see why maintaining an organized and clean environment it’s so important.

That’s why if you see you need help with disinfecting and sanitizing services for your residence or workplace, GUTRIV will be glad to help you out.

We hope this article may have helped you in every way. If you still have doubts about residential cleaning services or commercial cleaning services, don´t fright, just call us at (949)2096096, contact us through or on our webpage, our executives will contact you right away, we´ll answer all your questions and give you a free estimate.

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In GUTRIV, we´ll give you a clean welcome!