Isn’t funny how many times we´ve walked through our entire home searching for something to do while waiting for this pandemic conclusion? Doing the laundry, finally painting the old walls, cutting the grass, or even cleaning home? Yikes! Having time to clean our homes or business to the fullest out of boredom? Who would it though!

Certainly, the situation is serious, we´ve been through many things and worse. But hey! When was the time when we´ve given up? I don´t recall a time like that, the only thing that hasn´t given up like us it´s the dust, and it multiplies like if there’s no tomorrow. We clean, sweep, and wait to repeat.

Even so, little by little, big and small businesses have been starting to open their doors again, not to the fullest, but it´s a change and a big one!

This change makes us consider so much, a lot of people will start to move and work more, and the more people move…yes, exactly! You need to disinfect more. That´s why now most states consider cleaning services a big YES, in addition to our normal cleaning home routine.


the Motto of cleaning home : clean, disinfect, and repeat

Understanding that we are going to our local business again, there´s a high possibility that we are going to have contact with others, and with that, our immune system is going to work hard, really hard!

That´s why to prevent spreading viruses through our home and business cleaning service is a really good option. But how to choose one? Are they safe?

Here are 10 key points to keep in mind if you are about to hire a residential cleaning service, commercial cleaning service, or a disinfecting and sanitizing COVID-19 service.

  1. Clean home, clean health. Remember the phrase an apple a day, keeps a doctor away? With this one, it´s the same principle. Make sure the cleaning service hired has a reliable deep sanitizing service. If not, trust us, your health will know it right away.
  2. Does the hired service use a registered anti-COVID-19 disinfectant? What about the (CDC) Center for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines? Do they follow them or any other? Look into their services or ask them what guidelines they strictly follow! By the way, did you know that GUTRIV follows only the CDC Guidelines?
  3. What kind of equipment are they going to use? Is it listed in the (FDA)? Like the ULV Fogging machines, which are one of the most powerful disinfection devices that GUTRIV uses?
  4. What are they going to disinfect? When a company says they clean all your home, do they mean that? Or only certain objects or places in your home or business? Determine what needs to be cleaned and what needs to be disinfected!
  5. They keep a record of the clients served and their state of health before and after doing the service? This helps a bunch! Localizing the points of infection reduces the risk of sharing the virus through different locations.
  6. Does the cleaning service know the difference between cleaning and disinfecting? Because it´s NOT THE SAME! Cleaning brings down the number of bacteria and disinfecting it´s another level of sanitation.
  7. What kind of equipment do they wear? Do they only wear gloves and protective eyewear? That´s no good! Ask them what´s the standard equipment they use and what´s the standard (CDC) listed protected equipment.
  8. We know how are they going to clean, what are they going to sanitize, but when? Do they have a schedule? How many times a month it´s recommended?  For example, GUTRIV provides weekly disinfection of commercial spaces and other high traffic buildings. Including ULV Fogging application of a CDC approved and EPA registered Coronavirus disinfectant.
  9. The cleaning service is not following the social distancing protocol? Look for reviews! In GUTRIV we follow strict guidelines not only for your health but for our workers!
  10. What kinds of services they provide? Are we going to hire one company for disinfecting, other for cleaning our home or our business? Do your research, it´s important! By the way, did you know, GUTRIV provides all the complete residential, commercial, and COVID -19 services? Seems we just gave you an answer to your needs! Your welcome!

It appears our new reality hit us hard, even so, there´s no place like tomorrow, especially if it´s a clean one! If you still have doubts about cleaning services, don´t fright, just call us to (949)2096096, contact us through or on our webpage, our executives will contact you right away, we´ll answer all your questions and give you a free estimate.

Also, you can visit us in Mission Viejo, California 92692.

In GUTRIV, we´ll give you a clean welcome!