Have this happened to you recently? Someone you work with sneezed; it was nothing, just some normal dust allergies, this happens when we don´t have a good Commercial Cleaning Service for example, our workplace, but hey, everyone around got more than a little paranoid. This has happened, isn´t it?

The fact that these situations are happening quite often worrying. Not only because of our current context but because deep in our minds, we know that we haven’t been cleaning or following a proper hygiene protocol as the CDC established. For that, the question of, what if? The guilt and our worries rise in our subconscious mind.

Should we get tested out? Is this a normal sneeze? With whom I had recent contact with? Believe me, when the mind its in a more than cautious state, even near paranoia, our deepest fear might get the best of us.



What can we do in these situations? It´s quite clear, follow the previous post-GUTRIV have made on how to clean our workplace or residence. Or just hire a residence / commercial cleaning service! I’m sure it’s quite better having someone cleaning and disinfecting our homes or business regularly than losing our minds.

But don´t get me wrong, this means to hire a cleaning service that provides real healthy benefits and not just mopping our living. Want to know more about the difference?

Well, listen up! It´s quite simple, cleaning means reducing the number of germs in our designated space. Washing our clothes, mopping the floor with cold water, or just passing a wet rag to our sink, that is cleaning.

Deep cleaning means taking everything out (depending on the cleaning service guideline) the furniture, toys, you name it, and cleaning them with specific ecofriendly products.

And disinfecting and sanitizing means, all the above, but go even beyond! Using professional ULV fogging disinfecting machines, like the ones GUTRIV uses. Using disinfectant solutions approved by the EPA. And following strict guidelines provided by the CDC.



That´s a good and a bad idea. You see, our bodies need a certain quantity of remaining bacteria. Why? Because our immune system needs to be updating the software! Understand that like if those remains of bacteria were some essential bacteria that you have as a sample.

If you want to disinfect in your own way your home or business while choosing a commercial cleaning service, we advise you to use these tips:

After the recommended sweeping routine, using a detergent or dish detergent in a bucket of cold water it’s a nice way to start to clean each room. You can divide the task of cleaning big spaces and small spaces. One day you can use the mop to clean all the floors and the next day, just using the broom will be enough.

Cleaning big spaces may include cleaning furniture, tv, bookshelves and beds. Small places may include cleaning doorknobs, windows, showers, and inside electronic devices.

If you have an ill person in your care, we strongly suggest using disposable gloves if you are cleaning their rooms. Swipe with a slightly wet rag mixed over every surface. You can use alcohol to help disinfect most of your room.

Remember that after you finish deep cleaning your residence, dispose of your gloves, and disinfect with alcohol your hands. It´s definitely a good idea to check out EPA site guidelines, also if you want to make sure you are using an EPA approved disinfectant check out their EPA registration number in the back of the label.

It´s understandable that this is a tough time to be checking what to do in every context or situation but it´s important to take care of your health and the health of your loved ones.

Even so, if you still have doubts about residential cleaning services or commercial cleaning services, don´t fright, just call us to (949)2096096, contact us through jgutierrez@gutrivcleaning.com or on our webpage, our executives will contact you right away, we´ll answer all your questions and give you a free estimate.

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In GUTRIV, we´ll give you a clean welcome!